Membership fees DROPS, Sept. meeting this Monday

Hello supporters of Asheville Engineers Without Borders!

Its been a marvelous summer in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.  As we prepare to weather the hurricane in the coming days, please keep in mind those in need and help where you can.
EWB-HQ responded to member feedback and lowered individual dues for all members to $35/year!   See below for more information on the change.  Now you have no excuse not to join Asheville EWB 🙂
Once you join, you must email and ask to be added to the Asheville chapter roster in Volunteer Village. As a member, you have access to project files of all chapters worldwide!  There is a huge network of folks doing great work in smart ways.
A big thanks to Asheville EWB member Marie Mohsen for completing a grant proposal for the chapter.  For her day job, Marie is a staff engineer for the City of Asheville Water Resources Department.  She helps look after our precious water supply.  Thank you on both counts Marie!
Planning for the support trip to Siaya Hospital continues.  We are still on track to travel to Kenya starting Dec 15th.   Thanks to all those who are helping to support Siaya by repairing their incinerator.

Our next meeting is Monday, September 17, 2018 at 5:30pm
Jack of the Wood in Asheville

Comfortable Irish public house offering handcrafted ales, locally sourced pub grub & live music.
95 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Thanks for your support!

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Benji Burrell

Business and Technology Engineer

(828) 283-0744 office, (804) 662-0964 mobile
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi
Dear Joseph,
Beginning September 4, 2018, both professional and student memberships will be $35 per year.

This new membership structure is based on the recommendations of EWB-USA’s Financial Sustainability Committee and has been approved by our Board of Directors. The committee consists of both Board and memberrepresentatives, and undertook a thorough, multi-year research process to provide guidance on the new structure.

This change will align membership with EWB-USA’s Community Cash Contribution policy, in which our partner communities are required to make at least a 5% cash contribution. The international development community has found that both cash and in-kind contributions institute a sense of ownership and contribute to ensuring project sustainability. We require a cash contribution from our community partners, and we are now asking it of all our members.
We’re offering all parties involved with EWB-USA increased investment in the mission and vision of our organization. From the community level to the member level to the donor level, the EWB-USA movement continues to rally behind our call to be stronger together.
We look forward to continuing to evolve and innovate to better serve both our partner communities and our members. Together, we are building a better world.
For more details on these changes, please review this membership  article.
In partnership,

Catherine Leslie
Executive Director, EWB-USA