Siaya County, Kenya: December 17, 2018

First day.  Our trip from the USA to Kenya was long but uneventful.  George Oyeho, community leader and our in-country host, is a lovable character, despite his demanding demeanor – it’s clear he is a man of action.  I am thankful to have him as our host and plan to never make him mad.

The third world scene in Kisumu was intense – we drove through muddy slums filled with barefoot men, women, and children carrying bottles full of brownish water, presumably for consumption.  I saw no evidence of running water, plumbing, or any type of waste management.

We grabbed lunch in Kisumu before heading to Siaya.  Upon our arrival at the Siaya County Referral hospital, we met Gottfried, a hospital administrator in charge of all medical personnel,  a giant of a man who was initially disgruntled at our (unbeknownst to us) late arrival. He took us on a brief tour of the hospital grounds, and then on to an in-process training for the incinerator operation staff by Anthony Kibunja of Evolving Technologies.  We were blown away by the dedication and focus exhibited by the trainees.

Afterward, George took us to settle in at our accommodation and then we joined him, Gottfried, and George’s friend Carol for dinner before turning in for the night.  I think we made unspoken amends with Gottfried by sharing this meal. 🙂

Kathryn Blount
Asheville Engineers Without Borders Chapter Secretary